Worried Lebanese

thought crumbs on lebanese and middle eastern politics

Warning notice

Ideological inclinations & political biases

I am very well aware of my own ideological biases and inclinations. I’m a staunch defender of cultural pluralism and civil liberties. I’m very distrustful of States, governments and powerful people and institutions in general, and that’s why I prefer decentralised forms of government, with as many checks and balances as possible. So you won’t find me supportive of anything that is remotely connected to Jacobinism (relating to French republican thought). The political thinkers I’m most comfortable with are liberal and communitarian.

I know that I will be referring quite often to identity, political identity. So it’s only fair to share with you here and now how I define myself today. I’m Lebanese by nationality. Cosmopolitan by inclination and upbringing (I’ve lived in several countries and have been exposed to several cultures, mostly western I have to confess). I have a very strong communal identity. I’m a firm believer in progressive confessionalism.


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