Worried Lebanese

thought crumbs on lebanese and middle eastern politics

About WL

I decided one rainy day to share my thought crumbs on Lebanese and Middle Eastern politics on the net. You wouldn’t find much news on these pages, and the analysis is too short to really be in-depth, but they are meant to initiate a discussion and maybe spark a debate on issues I find of some interest. You can also find me on Facebook under Lıbnéné Qaliq (yes, it’s the turkish dotless “ı”).


Many problems we face in the Middle East, I believe, come from the fact that the political debate is very rigid, it’s fixed and hasn’t budged an inch for years and maybe decades. One does find new ideas every now and then, but they hardly ever break away from the rigid categories that have been set. And I have to admit the media helps to rigidify these categories because it’s much simpler, effective and convenient to channel new information in frames that people are used to. The greatest advantage the internet allows is the breaking up of those rigid channels and the setting up of new innovative ones. I hope that I will be able to present my political thoughts in such channels and categories.


My writings are not meant to be neutral, but I hope that I will be able to communicate my thoughts on politics in the most transparent way I can.

During the blog’s first two weeks of existence, I only communicated the address to one friend, who has been very kind in answering some of my posts. I am now thinking of informing other people I know about it so as to initiate a broader debate. I would probably have to think of new formats and categories if this enlargement really works.

Up to now “Worried Lebanese” has functioned as a notebook on my political thoughts. Everyday I write a new post reacting to some information I read about in the press, scribbling a couple of lines on a book I finished reading, or commenting on some political event I participated in.

I apologise for my frequent spelling mistakes and errors in expression. I haven’t written in English for many years now, but I hope my writing skills will improve gradually with time and experience…


16 Responses to “About WL”

  1. I’ve added you to my blog roll under the Lebanon category, best wishes with the blog

  2. Pol66 said

    Sex in Chains, which is sombre and effective. ,

  3. lsr said


  4. Nick said

    Nice site/blog. I went ahead and added your blog to the blogroll of anahon.com. Feel free to add anahon.com here as well.

  5. I’m enjoyin visitin ur blog mate
    keep up the good work 🙂

  6. prozakc said

    I AM A WL and I enjoy your blog. you’re on my blogroll. keep blogging

  7. Moobz said

    Interesting blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts…
    I’ll be visiting more often 🙂

    You’re in my blogroll ! 🙂

  8. Osteomo said

    Nothig else with me

  9. gr8 blog man, I added you to my links.

  10. Keisnor said

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    Вчера в интернете нашел fr f540 11k na в компании prom electric. Рекомендую!

    Всем спасибо!

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