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Judgemental feelings after a monthlong interruption

Posted by worriedlebanese on 02/10/2010

What article should I tackle today?

  1. An appalling Benny Morris article: “No love for Muslims, unless they’re Palestinian“,
  2. Donniel Hartman’s “The Future of Zionism Depends on Moral Excellence” in which moralism rhymes with an extreme hair splitting variant of relativism
  3. Wissam Saadeh’s “A new threat to world security and peace“, taking lebanese egotism to new heights.
  4. MHG’s “Apaiser Malakût…“, in which new intellectual weaponry is brandished in the name of (civic) resistance.
  5. & last but not least, the latest reheated March XIV® platitude : “L’initiative de Beyrouth“.

Time for me to go to work. I’ll try to spawn some words tonight.


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