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Three good reasons to revive this blog

Posted by worriedlebanese on 25/01/2008

rafahthroughahole.jpgI haven’t written an entry for over a month now. Not only was I overburdened with work and other trivial yet stressful stuff, but I felt I had nothing new to add to what I had already posted. The deadlock was so strong in Lebanon and the rest off the Middle East, the dynamics so constrained and contrived… It was simply stifling.But two days ago, when I saw a cracked wall, a picture of people crossing from Gaza into Egypt, I felt something was changing, that something could change. You can’t wall in people indefinitely. Why should I accept my thoughts to be paralysed by the political actors and regional dynamics? It’s important to think outside the box, and it’s our responsibility to insure our ideas are not framed and boxed in by others.I discussed politics with a friend that same day, and I realised that the Lebanese were never as free as they are today, and yet they’ve never used their freedom so parsimoniously. It’s time to move before it’s too late. Egypt is sealing the Gaza border, walling the Palestinians in again to the fate that was decided for them by others. And when the Lebanese parliament elects a new president (agreed upon by the regional and international powers), he will certainly start cracking down on liberties in the name of security. Minutes after waking up today, I read about the explosion that rocked Beirut’s eastern suburb this morning. It drove me to my blog. I felt I had to start writing again, for it’s the only to develop one’s thoughts, to go beyond emotional reactions and vague ideas and impressions. And who knows, someone could stumble on my thought crumbs and put them to some use, by developing them, sharing them. 


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