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Media Watch by WL

I realised today that I usually spend at least two hours writing to the press, pinpointing the flaws and biases in some of their articles. I thought it would be interesting to keep a record of them. I will copy/paste my comments over here from now on, classifying them by the addressee and by date.


June 7, 2009 Here’s a short video that I discovered on NOW Lebanon, late at night, on June 7th. It was removed the following day. My comment asking NOW why this video was removed was never answered.

June 20, 2009 In your latest poll, you ask your readers “MP Ibrahim Kanaan was accused by NTV of vote buying; do you think he was set up?“I find the question flawed and erroneously formulated. First of all, MP Ibrahim Kanaan wasn’t accused by NTV but on NTV (or rather Al-Jadeed, as the station is now named). Secondly, he wasn’t accused of vote buying, but of failing to remunerate an electoral broker who claims that he was entrusted with the task of electoral fixing. Lastly, your question “Do you think he was set up” isn’t very clear. It even sounds conspiratorialist. Did you mean by that “Do you think he is guilty of what M. Nabil al- Fala accused him of?”


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