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بين الغضب السني، الهستيريا المسيحية الازدواجية الدرزية والغطرسة الشيعية

Posted by worriedlebanese on 23/10/2012

Emotional landscapes… of the communal type

Can one attache an emotional state to a community? Some obviously have no qualms about doing it. During the 1990s we were told about the “احباط المسيحي”, the christian frustration or depression. And since 2011, we hear of the “غضب السني”, the sunni wrath. Interestingly enough, both expressions seem to originate from within each respective community, and neither of them has been really contested. Nevertheless, borrowing language from psychology to qualify communities doesn’t sound right. On one hand, it is vaguely reminiscent of racial generalisations and ascriptions. On the other hand it seems to treat communities as if they were a living person while they are no more than socio-cultural constructs. How can a socio-cultural construct suffer from a psychological state or trait, be it wrath, hysteria, ambivalence or arrogance.
But these are easy criticisms.
As I venture (to be continued).


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