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A Placebo storm in a teacup

Posted by worriedlebanese on 10/06/2010

What I find most deplorable in the “Placebo affair” is the fact that it spawned a useless amount of opinion papers.  The concert took place yesterday without any problem, showing that there is a difference between “calling for a boycott” and “censorship”. But this did not prevented the Lebanese “French-speaking daily” to continue to publish editorials on this “affaire” (read Fifi Abou Dib’s take on it published today: Epineuses et cactées).

There is something decidedly quixotic in this fight against “the furies trying to slowly kill the Lebanese cultural scene”, and this call for “cultural resistance” (two closing lines of MHG’s article yesterday). Don’t people find something remotely ridiculous in describing an the cultural consumption (of a foreign product) an act of CULTURAL RESISTANCE?!

If only the newspaper had the sens to interview Brian Molko or reproduce his interview. As Lotus Weinstock used to say, “I used to want to change the world . Now I just want to leave the room with a little dignity”. I wish L’Orient-Le Jour  took a couple of minutes to ponder on that thought.


3 Responses to “A Placebo storm in a teacup”

  1. Tony said

    Media has always taken sides. Usually the side of truth. In Lebanon the Truth has been refined to political sides. My personal opinion excluded, people in this country express their opinion and throw around words without any semblance to true meanings and direction their words will be taken. As such calling for a press conference to express such a controversial idea, was just calling for it. Transforming the blame of the event from government and legal departments to the people and organizers was a great flop. We are a consumer market, and change will not happen with the consumer. The conflict in the region has become a by-product and mostly ignored. The media having nothing better to do, can and will target with no apparent depth any issue, simply to add dilemma and intrigue.
    “As an example” As our culture is delivery and Valet, our culture promotes bands coming to out country instead of us buying tickets to turkey to watch U2.

  2. princesse de clèves, islamogauchiste said

    pfff.. de toute façon, Placebo gâchait depuis longtemps déjà le paysage du rock indépendant en imitant très mal David Bowie : l’usage assidu des cosmétiques par Brian Molko ne suffisant pas à prouver son talent.
    Pour paraphraser le libellé d’un autre post : ce sont à la fois des musiciens “à petit prix” et des rebelles superdiscount.

    J’aime mieux écouter les Pixies qui en plus d’avoir mené une carrière musicale discrète (avec un minimum de concessions commerciales et un maximum d’expérimentations soniques) ont aussi boycotté le festival de rock récemment organisé par l’entité sioniste.

  3. Personnellement, je me serais bien déplacé pour les écouter. Je ne suis pas partisan de ce genre de boycott (que je trouve à petit prix). Que les Pixies annulent leur concert est à leur honneur. C’est une question personnelle. D’ailleurs, ils n’ont même pas justifié de leur annulation…

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