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Haunted by Kıtırmäya

Posted by worriedlebanese on 30/04/2010

I couldn’t get the image out of my head. I tried, but it kept on coming back. Not the one posted here, which is bad enough, but the one that my mind reconstituted from the pictures I saw and the facts I learnt about this ghastly affair. This type of drama is the stuff of fiction; Peter Greenaway’s Baby of Mâcon meets Ken Russell’s The Devils. Having it happen a couple of miles from where you live is unbearable.
So basically, a man who had brutally killed an old couple and their two grand-children was nabbed while in custody… twice!! by angry villagers. The first time, he was beaten unconscious by a mob that snatched him from the police who had taken him to the scene of the crime for reconstitution (a day after the crime was committed). After being taken to hospital, he was nabbed a second time by the same crowd (that had followed him), stabbed, hanged to a car and dragged to the village square where he was hanged by a butcher’s hook while women ululated and men shouted that the crime was avenged.
I won’t be surprised if some journalist in the Orient Le Jour claims that this crime committed in a Sunni village of the Chouf is somewhat linked to Hezbollah being armed…
All day, I listened to the news and read the press, nobody spoke of any arrest in the village. All that time I sat wondering how the police and the judges should react to such a criminal outburst of collective anger. And frankly, I don’t know how.


4 Responses to “Haunted by Kıtırmäya”

  1. As expected, someone at the Orient Le Jour linked what happened in Ketermaya with the Hezbollah (and to the “Hariri Tribunal”); Ziyad Makhoul: Des années et des années de non-droit, de non-loi, et d’État phagocyté par mille et un mini-États – une réalité cancérigène que l’on croyait révolue avec la fin de la guerre civile mais qui a resurgi, amplifiée, gigantisée par les pratiques ultramiliciennes du Hezbollah : quel plus grand exemple d’impunité que celui d’un parti qui n’a pas été jugé ni sanctionné après son blitzkrieg criminel et sanguinaire en mai 2008 contre Beyrouth et la Montagne ? C’est là et rien que là qu’explose le problème, dans cette ancestrale primauté de l’impunité que seuls une résurrection globale et intransigeante de l’État et un démarrage effectif des travaux du Tribunal spécial pour le Liban pourraient commencer à briser.

  2. Beirut Boy said

    Regardless if ppl think this man deserved it or not…we have a government (supposednly) and we have a criminal justice system (allegedly) which should have taken care of this murderer.
    Hanging criminals with a butcher knife on the street no matter how gruesome and ugly her/his crime was…isn’t it another crime?

    • I agree with you. And that’s what the police/courts have been doing. But I haven’t had an update for almost a month. I don’t know exactly who was taken to custody and how many arrests were made.

  3. I have a colleague at work and she’s from sh7eem (close to Ketermiya). She’s guessing the suspects r still in custody.

    But i donno…the police/force should also be held responsible! They’re the ones responsible for our safety. As u said this man was “nabbed while in custody…TWICE”! Police should have known better than to take him into the village to reenact his crime if they knew the angry ppl would get their hands on him.

    Basically the whole thing is a “jorsa” and a shame.

    Makes me feel like there’s no strong government. No strong police. No nuthin.

    You’re left alone to take care of urself.

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