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Blogging resolutions?!

Posted by worriedlebanese on 05/01/2010

Yes, it’s this time of the year when you look back at what you’ve done and try to evaluate it. I ran across a dead blog today that sums things perfectly! It’s titled “Unnecessary, and not very diverting, musings”… and this tag line follows: “Much like other bloggers, I have the vanity to believe that strangers will want to read what my actual friends are not interested in hearing”. It cracked me up!

So here’s my plan for my blog’s facelift and body sculpting:

  • Less opinion pieces! many have slipped into agressive or humdrum  rants… and I’ve been repeating myself. It’s true that the risk of repetition is high in a country where things never seem to change (except for the main politicians’ alliances). So less commentary and more analysis on our preferred idiosyncrasies.
  • More reviews. I’ve been skimming through lots of blogs lately, and I think it would be interesting to write a weekly review on them, maybe take an issue and see how it’s being treated by fellow bloggers.
  • Renewed interest in regional matters. And I’m not talking about geopolitics. I do not care where the Egyptian government stands on such an issue or how the Saudi King wants to deal with his northern neighbours. I’ll focus on one country every two weeks. See what its press has to say about current issues it is dealing with.
  • Some interactivity. But you’ve got to help me out on this one. It takes two to tango and at least 10 to interact fruitfully. So please, throw the ball back instead when you see it coming towards you. For that. I’m going to try a couple of new tricks.
  • Improved linguistic skills. This will not show overnight, but here’s my plan. I haven’t read a book in English for years. Most of the analysis I do is in French (in real life that is) and my sources are mostly in Arabic. So no wonder my writing is so stifled. A nice book every now and then will certainly improve things.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


6 Responses to “Blogging resolutions?!”

  1. lirun said

    try spanish.. its fun

  2. NB said

    I think that most people are blogging for themselves and their close friends really. I don’t think that anybody really wants an influx of strangers on their blogs. The quality of a comments section degenerates in direct proportion to the number of people posting there. In case one’s friends are not interested to hear what one has to say, then it’s another problem. It may be time to send the friends packing.

  3. lirun said

    im not blogging for my friends..

    im blogging as a slightly over-aged member of documentation generation.. there are things i care about and i want to document that care and the actions i take that relate to it..

  4. NB said

    That means that you are blogging for yourself

  5. lirun said

    no – it mean for the world

  6. NB said

    You know, Lirun, you are such a drama queen!!! You really made me laugh with this one…

    😀 😀

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