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Mu3arada + Mualêt = Mu3amalêt

Posted by worriedlebanese on 25/12/2009

I was astounded to see how many people still referring to the country’s two coalitions allied within the same government as mu3arada (“Opposition®”) and mualêt (“Loyalist®”). I’ve already stated how absurd and nonsensical these two trademarks or “controlled term of origin” are. But with our present “national union”/”national partnership” government, and the increasingly consensualist discourse it has generated, sticking to these labels seems particularly anachronistic.

So I thought that something should be done about it and a new term should be invented… an amalgam of both terms. So I came up with Mu3amalêt, a word that means “red tape” or public procedures, but that everyone understands as a burdensome administrative formality that can be much facilitated and hastened through corruption and an efficient patron. Doesn’t this word fit perfectly for our service oriented government?


3 Responses to “Mu3arada + Mualêt = Mu3amalêt”

  1. Qifa Nabki said

    How about bahalil?

    • Why Bahalil?
      I think the only bahalil in this story are those who forgot that the power structure in Lebanon is based on the quadripartite oligarchy and that the breaking up of this oligarchy threatens all of its parts. Sure there is a strong polarisation, sure there is a lot of rivalry, but there are also common interests and a vested interested to keep other players out and securing each one’s gains.

  2. This was not a consensual union. At best it can charitably be called forced co-habitation with each party maintaining its individual characteristics one is in favour of traditional marriage while the other is forcing itself into a non existing relationship. Given the present beliefs of each, it will be a mistake to think of this most hetrogenous of groups as belonging to the same family.

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