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Cross border Political-socialisation

Posted by worriedlebanese on 10/12/2009

Une fois n'est pas coutume, mais deux fois?

One year ago, almost to the day, Michel Aoun visited Syria and shared a meal with its President Bachar el Asad. I wasn’t very comfortable with the visit because of my dislike of the Syrian regime (what it represents and what it did in Lebanon) and the fact that I do not understand why a Lebanese MP makes an “official” visit to a foreign country and is received by its President quite officially too.

But at that time, I found that the contextual elements and the positive effect the visit had on intercommunal relations in Syria and cross-national relations between the two countries kind of outweighed its drawbacks. However, this is not what I felt when I learnt that FPM leader, MP Michel Aoun flew to Damascus on President Assad Jr’s private jet for a private meeting with him to “discuss what is in the interest of the two countries”. The Syrian state-run news agency, SANA, added that “the two leaders also discussed the latest regional and international developments and the importance of coordination among the neighboring countries of the region in order to safeguard the Arab rights”.

As usual, the news agencies and news outlets didn’t report anything really worth reporting. And the news outlets formerly know as the “March XIV spokespersons” couldn’t resist implying that this visit was proof of Aoun’s submission to Syrian will and interests, while the Tayyar sympathisers spoke of it as if it were the most natural thing on earth!

Lilliputians parading as giants

I personally see this visit as yet another example of our political class’ odious behaviour, its psychological disorder; Politician mixe international matters with local matters to boost his ego and to parade as an “international player”, a stature which he obviously lack.

When will the President of the Republic or the Minister of Foreign Affairs make clear to the embassies that their visits to politicians are unwelcome and make clear to the politicians that their “official” visits abroad are frowned upon? This cross-national socialisation is truly sickening.

Michel Aoun used to criticize his political opponents for this behaviour… but I guess he caught the virus. Can you think of a vaccination?! Anyone?!


4 Responses to “Cross border Political-socialisation”

  1. lirun said

    my grandma’s maluhia.. will leave him killer breath.. no one will be able to sit with him for a week or two..

  2. danny said

    cut off his meds lol…The system allows such ‘visits”…Bashar’s son flew him in eh? I guess Bashar thanked him for Bassil’s “concession” and promised him more “clout”??? I really do not understand the people who buy into these charades; if reading all the comments in Orange room are any indication!

  3. can anybody comment on how michel samaha seems to be the point man in all these meetings?

    he was present this time around and he was also present when jibran bassil visited syria a few weeks ago.


  4. theFool said

    It’s disconcerting to see this. Everybody seems to be rectifying their position with Syria. There should be a trend from preventing from getting too lenient with Syria.

    There is an ongoing case on the Killing of FPM Rafik Hariri.

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