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The Archipelago of Eastern Palestine

Posted by worriedlebanese on 09/12/2009

Julien Bousac's very telling map of Palestine

Mahmoud Abbas’s visit to Lebanon reminded me of an interesting map I stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago while flicking through Challenge (don’t worry, i haven’t succumbed to the corporate world yet… still resisting. The magazine was offered to me by a pretty flight attendant).

I personally believe that maps are misleading. But this specific one says more than a thousand words.


4 Responses to “The Archipelago of Eastern Palestine”

  1. lirun said

    powerful image

    • Mehdi said

      Is it possible to post this at a higher resolution? As it is, it’s difficult to read the labels. Powerful image nonetheless.


  2. lalacyrl said

    Yeah nice catch WL!
    Julien Boussac’s map is included in the “Atlas du Monde Diplomatique 2009”.
    It has talked quite a lot to some friends of mine who where only casualy aware of the undergoing issue south of Lebanon.
    I used it to illustrate an article (again to my friends) from Robert Solé in LE MONDE, 15.06.09, which is called “Pour avoir la paix” (to get Peace), where he writes as if he was Netanayhu: “Mr. Netanyahu raises his conditions for an eventual Palestinian state”. Starts like this:
    “Dear friends Palestinian

    Me, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, I acknowledge solemnly that you are entitled to a state. But this requires a number of conditions.

    1) This state will have no army. Do not worry: we will ensure its defense with all the attention that you imagine.

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