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An orange version of Now Lebanon

Posted by worriedlebanese on 17/11/2009

I wasted a lot of time today on translating this “news” posting I found on Tayyar.org. So you better read it! There’s no information in it. It’s just an outright political attack on March XIV and its media outlets. Nevertheless, it is quite interesting to analyse. This will be done in the next posting.

Where is Samir Geagea?

Direct communication with Samir Geagea ceased once the cabinet was formed earlier last week. He’s been out of sight and out of earshot ever since, probably licking his wounds after all the demagogical slogans he and his spiritual father spawned these past four years were proven wrong. And now these slogans have evaporated, have disappeared, have gone with the wind, crushed for the thousandth time, proving the failure of Samir Geagea’s strategic vociferousness that is and has always been unfounded. It only afflicts those who it deceives with frustration, pessimism and increased radicalisation.

Many other familiar faces have also gone missing, such as Elias Atallah, Fares Soueid, Nawfal Daou, Ammar Houry, Ahmad Fatfat, Elie Marouni, Bechara Raï, Carlos Edde, Michelle Sisson, Antoine Zahra, Fares Khashan, Johnny Abdo, George Bkassini, Oukab Sakr, Ghada Eid, Paul Chaoul (the philosopher), Fouad Saad, Dory Chamoun, Elias Zoghbi, Nayla Tueni, Nasir Al-Asaad, Charles Ayoub, Michel Murr…

They are probably mourning the death of all the ideas that supported the political and electoral discourse they collectively rehashed in order to sway some confused voters by manipulating their communal, religious and ideological sensitivities, by scaring them with lies and fabrications, free from any moral restraints.

For all the others who have resorted to those lies, insults and defamations, to backstabbing and abuse of their servility; for all those I haven’t named, the so-called writers and reporters hired to lie under the guise of political analysis, 
I tell you to keep silent forever and to resign from your positions, be they journalistic, religious or political. Because all that you’ve uttered, all that you’ve written and all that you’ve analyzed came out to be abusive lies, false and misleading analysis; your rubbish belongs to the trash bin of political history, analysis and logic.

Finally, I hope the Lebanese voter has this once learnt a lesson he will not forget; not to follow the first hundred dollar bill put before him, but to listen to his conscience; to ignore the voice of falsehood and hypocrisy that has already been bought and that learned its tricks from the Syrian occupier; that Lebanon’s salvation lies in the hands of the authentic March 14th.

Free, sovereign, and independent.


6 Responses to “An orange version of Now Lebanon”

  1. Qifa Nabki said



    Nice job.

  2. I know!
    I could not wrap my head around it either. I read this today and am still trying to figure out where they are going with it.

  3. PN said

    “An orange version of Now Lebanon”!

    WL, I think that is an over-stretch 🙂

    Please, see my comment in the next thread.

    • Hey PN
      I actually think Tayyar.org and Now Lebanon share the same function: They are both political platforms. One parades as a news source, while the other parades as a think tank. What I find chilling is that their readers are convinced by this “role play”.

      • PN said

        Major Header:

        [Tayyar.org ………Free Patriotic Movement official webpage]

        A political platform indeed. Who is parading? 🙂

        PS: I think you are underestimating the readers of both sites. No one is naive.

      • oh come on PN, you know what I mean. It’s not about deception. The problem is elsewhere. I think it’s dual or maybe even triple.
        A whole lot of people are using a political party’s platform as a news source. This in itself is problematic. Maybe for lack of a better choice, which would indicate that the problem is even larger…
        And I think the investment in time and ressources that a political platform puts in its “news department” is bad investment. Not only it’s inappropriate (“confusion de genre” as Francophones would put it), but it diverts attention for real political communication and deliberation. And that’s what is lacking. The Orange Room is not enough.

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