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عيد مبارك & שנה טובה

Posted by worriedlebanese on 18/09/2009

3D-Balloons-ScreensaverWhen Americans speak of the “wall of separation”, they mean the principle of separation between “Church” and State (i.e. Religion & Government). The expression takes a whole different meaning in our region, doesn’t it?
Well, I thought the title of this post (transliterated: Eid Mubarak and Shana Tova, translated: Blessed Feast and Happy New Year) reflects the hopes of many perfectly, that an ampersand replaces the wall.

Notice the clouds lurking in the back… well, you’ll understand what they’re up to in a coming post 😉


One Response to “عيد مبارك & שנה טובה”

  1. lirun said

    תודה רבה וחג שמח
    thank you very much and happy holiday

    we = hope

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