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עיניים פקוחות Opening one’s eyes to different lifestyles

Posted by worriedlebanese on 03/09/2009

Frequent sojourns in Paris do have their advantages. One of them is being able to see a great variety of films at the movies, many of which have no chance of being screened in Beirut (at least not in public screenings). I had the pleasure to watch a couple of hours ago “Tu n’aimeras point”, an Israeli film by Haim Tabakman (that came out in Paris before Tel Aviv).
Don’t let this hollywood style trailer mislead you. The film is not about a gay couple. It’s no Israeli version of Bareback Mountain. It’s not about conflict of lifestyles (Jerusalem vs Tel Aviv; secular global vs religious local). It’s about a righteous person (צדיק, صادق) who discovers love with another man yet refuses to make choices until confronted by his community. He indulges in a homosexual relation without letting go of his beliefs and his respect of the Law. Quite the contrary, his passion opens up his eyes to a less stoic interpretation of religious texts. But he doesn’t notice the social consequences of his acts until the social reaction hits him in the face.
What is particularly interesting about the film is that it introduces you to a hassidic worldview showing you its many facets and its struggle for survival in a world that upholds opposing values. Withstanding the risks entailed by its subject matter, it refrains from being judgemental, pedagogical or raunchy. The excellent performance, clean editing and focused cinematography also serve a script that leaves no room for justification or explanation (neither from the director’s perspective nor from the characters’).


3 Responses to “עיניים פקוחות Opening one’s eyes to different lifestyles”

  1. lirun said

    hey – glad u liked it.. i love that about my society – its self analysis is open and often very refined and even artistic..

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSQi55U5XRQ this is almost the same movie but based on women with slight plot differences..

  2. Thanks for sharing this link. I’m not to sure about “The secrets” though. I saw the previews and found it a bit too hollywoodian for my taste (you know Spilberg style).
    What do you mean by “my society”?
    – Is it the Jewish-Israeli society?
    – Is it the non-religious sector of the jewish-israeli society?
    – or could it be the cross-denominational israeli society, but to what extent does it really exist?

  3. lirun said

    israel 🙂

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