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Lobby for the appointment of these MINISTERS (ladies first)

Posted by worriedlebanese on 28/06/2009

Ladies first:

Minister of Cultural innovation, Heritage, Media and Communication

ChristineTohme4.JPGChristine Tohmé. She is a cultural organiser, born in Beirut in 1964. She founded Ashkal Alwan in 1994, a Lebanese Association for the Plastic Arts. It is a non-profit organisation that initiates and supports the production of contemporary artistic practice and provides a grounding for critical reflection and theory with the aim of promoting free thought and critical discourse in Lebanon.

Minister of Green economy and environmental affairs

Picture 4Nayla Tueini. Lebanon’s youngest MP. Also known as the smurf because of the poster she used during her electoral campaign. Heir to three political families. Her grandfather (Michel Murr) and her grandmother’s brother (Marwan Hamade) are both MPs. She inherited her parliamentary seat from her father, Gibran Tueni who was savagely assassinated in 2005. She also replaced him in the family’s Newspaper. An-Nahar (Lebanon’s most prestigious Newspaper… which says a lot about the quality of our Press).

Minister of Social solidarity and governance.

leila_al_solh_hamadeh Layla Solh Hemadé. She is the vice-president of Al-Walid bin Talal Foundation, and was  Lebanon’s first woman minister. Born in Beirut in 1946, she is the daughter of the former Prime Minister Riyadh Solh.

Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation is a charitable and philanthropic organization established by Sauid Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal (nephew of Leila Solh)


Ministry of Administrative Affairs

Ghinwa Jalloul. Computer engineer, Professor of Computer Science at the American University of Beirut. She was born in 1962. She was a Future Movement MP from 2000 to 2009 (Beirut 3, Sunni Seat).

Minister of Foreign Affairs


Fadia Kiwan. Professor of political science, Director of the Institute of political science (St Joseph University). Former Secretary of the National Bloc (under Raymond Edde). She is also a prominent researcher and activist in the field of human rights and advocacy activities in building democracy. She is a Member of the Executive Council of the National Commission for Lebanese women.

Lebanese Diplomacy is in much needed change. Fadia Kiwan is probably one of the few women in Lebanon who could pull off such a job.


Minister of Education.

Salwa Saniora Baasiri. She is Secretary General of the Lebanese National Commission, and sister of outgoing Prime Minister Fuad Siniora.

Minister of Remembrance & Reconciliation.

53748-BahiaHaririBahia Hariri. Obviously. Born in 1952, she became a teacher (1970- 1979), then she headed the Hariri Foundation, founded by her brother Rafik Hariri. She was first elected to the parliament in 1992 (Saida, Sunni Seat), and has held this seat ever since. She is Minister of Education in the outgoing Cabinet (2008-2009).

I would have obviously preferred  Wadad Halawani (head of the Committee of the Kidnapped and Missing in Lebanon), or Rabab Sadr Charafeddine, Mussa Sadr’s sister and Director, Imam Al Sadr Foundation (Beirut & Tyre). But I think Bahia Hariri has a better chance of creating such a ministry.

Minister of Justice.

Denise Khoury (judge) or Alia Zein (lawyer).


3 Responses to “Lobby for the appointment of these MINISTERS (ladies first)”

  1. I totally agree that we need more women in politics and that a huge percentage of the coming cabinet should be women. I’d like to see something around 50%, but I do believe that’s a stretch. I’d be surprised if they appoint more than 1 or 2.
    Having said that, I am opposed to the idea of members of parliament holding ministerial positions. There should be a separation of both powers, given that the parliament should oversee and question the performance of the government at all time. Mixing both is a clear conflict of interest.


    • Hey BG
      If you want change, you can’t just sit and wait!
      If we want more women in the cabinet we should make our voice heard. Create your own list of nominees… Post it on your blog. Send it to friends (in Lebanon, we don’t have 6 degrees of separation but three max). Write to your MP.
      Imagine if such lists began circulating in great numbers. If every Lebanese blogger will post his/her list of women ministers (with pictures and positions)… We could create a buzz. The media will report it… And who know, it might build momentum.

      • I forgot Hayat Arslan for one of the Druze cabinet seats. She’s the widow of Faysal Arslan, Talal Arslan’s older half brother (whose mother wasn’t a Jumblatt).
        Hayat Arslan holds a B.A degree in Political studies and Public administration from AUB. She’s the founder and President of Society of Lebanon the Giver (established back in 1983) and of Economic Task Force for Lebanon. She also founded the women political Empowerment Committee and the Lebanese Artisanal Cooperative. Not bad huh. But what portfolio should she take?
        Does anyone have more names to throw in?

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