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Do you want CHANGE? lets start with new Ministries!!

Posted by worriedlebanese on 26/06/2009

Political formulaeIn two days, I’ll be proposing the names of people I’d like to see as Ministers in the coming government. But first, we need some new ministries to ge the country going!
I believe that some of our ministeries are anachronistic and should be abolished (Ministry of information, Office of the Minister of State for administrative reform, Ministry of Interior), some need to be expanded (Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Environment…).

So here’s a short list of Ministries that SHOULD be created, why? Because it’s time our country entered the 21st century. It’s also time we got over the silly, rigid and sterile debate over confessionalism that has been raging on for a century. So here’s a couple of suggestions. You’ll have more details about what these ministries in the coming posts. Please don’t hesitate to suggest other ministries.

  • Ministry of Heritage, Cultural innovation, Media and Communication (وزارة التراث،الابتكار الثقافيت وسائل الاعلام والتواصل،)
  • Ministry of Green economy and environmental affairs (وزارة الاقتصاد الاخضر والشؤون البئية)
  • Ministry of Social solidarity and governance (وزارة التضامن والحوكمة الاجتماعية)
  • Ministry of Remembrance & Reconciliation (وزارة التزكر والمصالحة)
  • Ministry of Secularism, Religious and Communal affairs (وزارة السؤون العلمانية، الدينية والطوائفية)
  • Ministry of Administrative affairs (وزارة الشؤون الادارية)
  • Ministry of Civil liberties & Rights (وزارة الحقوق الفردية والحريات)
  • Ministry of Defence and Human Security (وزارة الدفاع والامن البشري)
  • Ministry of Palestinian Affairs (وزارة الشؤون الفلسطينية)
  • Ministry of Municipalities and Decentralisation (وزارة البلديات واللامركزية)


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