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The third Ibrahim Kanaan affair

Posted by worriedlebanese on 16/06/2009

Ibrahim KanaanAs a Lebanese citizen, and a Metn voter, I’m particularly interested in knowing a bit more about three affairs that involved my constituency’s MP this year  :

    • The arson attack on his house (Ibrahim Kannan’s family home was set ablaze. His foes accused him of staging the fire)
    • The shooting in Mansourieh (He claims that his convoy was shot at & shot back, while his foes claim that he wasn’t attacked and simply shot at another car).
    • The accusation of corruption (or to be more accurate failing to honour promises of bribery). Ibrahim Kanaan considers this accusation to be fabricated.

I tried to search the internet for more information, but all I found was accusations and counter-accusations. “Proofs” being broadcasted on television and then on youtube… After two hours of searching, I can safely say that I found no court judgement (even though they are all criminal acts), no police report… nothing. What I found were FPM partisans refuting accusations in anyway possible, and FPM foes claiming the opposite. None were really convincing and nowhere was an independent report to be found. Conviction follows ones political preferences…


One Response to “The third Ibrahim Kanaan affair”

  1. dodzi said

    I know it’s a late reply, but don’t worry about it. Ibrahim Kanaan is the one of the most honest politicians Lebanon has, and certainly one of the best parliamentarians.

    I appreciate your search for the truth. But unlike Kanaan, Siniora does have a lawsuit up his a$$, with billions of dollars having been wasted, fraudulently stolen, or corruptibly spent! And who’s the man to thank for this finding? No one other than Ibrahim Kanaan, who meticulously went through the files as head of the Parliamentary Committee for Budget and Finances, and found Siniora’s mishandling all over the place!

    The man deserves to go to jail, and many like him who abused their public position to earn a little (a lot) on the side…

    Instead of wasting time on who said what and who pretended what, and who slept with who, perhaps we should focus more on who stole what, who gave whose money to whom, etc…

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