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اسباب الهستيريا المسيحية في لبنان …الهرع بعد الإحباط

Posted by worriedlebanese on 02/05/2009

hysteriaIt’s the first time I choose an Arabic title for my posting. I couldn’t find better words to qualify the socio-psychological evolution of the Christian community in Lebanon. It’s quite difficult to translate a word such as احباط (Ihbat) which has a similar etymological  structure as the word depression, that can be translated as “frustration”  but that is better rendered by the word  “hopelessness”.

Surprisingly enough, very little attention has been given to this macro “psychological” shift amongst Lebanese Christians.

One can explain it by showing the extreme polarisation in Lebanese politics with clear communal cuts everywhere except among the Christians… One can regret its damaging effects: incapacity of discussing politics in most Christian circles, continuous insults and accusations… But one cannot deny it.


2 Responses to “اسباب الهستيريا المسيحية في لبنان …الهرع بعد الإحباط”

  1. Paula Olivieri said

    I would like to find out about getting a print of the Hysteria Soup cartoon.
    Thank you.

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