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Nothing so bad it cannot be made worse

Posted by worriedlebanese on 02/03/2009

Storm GatheringThat’s the sentence I came up with when I tried to find a way to be optimistic about the situation in the Middle East. The only hope I could grasp was that today is undoubtedly better than tomorrow; so let’s make the best of it and seize the opportunities that are withering away.

The greatest advance would be to find a way to preserve them.


4 Responses to “Nothing so bad it cannot be made worse”

  1. I thought the saying went… “Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse…”


  2. Taige said

    Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

  3. Hey Jester.
    Nice to hear from u.
    It might seem at first sight that the expressions are the same. But it the one I used the responsibility is much clearer. It’s not about “getting worse”, but about “being made worse”.
    There are people out there that are making things worse (the political class). And this is true for the whole region. In Lebanon and Syria, when it’s not the same rotten and murderous politicians, it is their sons. In Israel, faces change, parties change, but the mindset and political actions are the same… As for Palestine, thanks to the international community, they have spawned the worst set of politicians without even having a State.

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