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How many wrongs make a right? part 2

Posted by worriedlebanese on 11/07/2008


What kind of cumulative effect can inaccurate, flawed, biased information have on the long run?

The first effect, I believe, is very simple. It cristallises a certain approach, a certain way of framing events (as Baruch Kimmerling would have put it).  This is quite obvious with the anti-communal bias one finds in Lebanon. Even though it gives you a very distorted view of Lebanese history and politics, this view is very robust and dominant, and it’s very hard to work outside it. 

The second effect is even more perverse. When the approach is dominant and robust, it works like a self-fulfilling prophecy because it changes the perception political actors have of themselves and the political game they’re in, and they start acting accordingly.


2 Responses to “How many wrongs make a right? part 2”

  1. Not long. But I would be optimistic with the past few weeks. Since the Doha Agreement, we are seeing Physical and concrete changes (in my opinion for the better), and not the abstracts words in print.

  2. I just found in my draft folder a couple of posts that I hadn’t published. Some for editorial reasons (i was half asleep when I wrote them) and others due to some technical error, as in this case where only the first sentence was published on the blog while the rest was saved in a draft version. So here’s the rest of it.

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