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How many wrongs make a right? part 1

Posted by worriedlebanese on 10/07/2008

Undoubtedly, my words will come across as pretentious, and in many ways they are: I believe I haven’t read a single analysis on the Lebanese situation that wasn’t either heavily biased or totally wrong.  And I’m not talking about predictions, but plain analysis. Everywhere, either some facts are wrong, or they were methodically selected to suite a purpose (while well-known contradicting facts were systematically discarded) or the whole analysis was badly framed. 

This is true for every single lebanese political issue. To illustrate my point, I’ll take the government formation affair. Every single day, every single lebanese daily paper prints a sensationalist article about it. The whole treatment of the information is framed by political considerations set by the Lebanese politicians Not only each paper chooses some facts and discards others according to its political affinities, but they only mention the issues raised by the politicians (either collectively or by each political bloc or groupement) in the language used by these politicians. For instance, the pro-Hariri politicians had been vociferating for over a month that the whole government formation process was taking too much time and that this is causing instability to the country. And all the editorialists I have read have been saying exactly the same thing. No one has mentioned how difficult it is to form a grand coalition government in general, and even more in a country where the conflicting parties have recently turned their struggle into a military one and where they haven’t worked on a political understanding between them (other than safeguarding the status quo).


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