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Could Lebanon be used as a model?

Posted by worriedlebanese on 14/06/2008

For years, the Lebanese political class (especially its christians side) has been obsessively sharing with anyone willing to listen to its babble, Pope John Paul’s unfortunate slogan: “Lebanon is more than a country it’s a message”. I personally would rather have more of a country than a message…  

This being said, I find it quite hard to understand how a country can be a message. I find it much easier to think of a country as a model, one that can be imitated or followed. But could Lebanon be one, with its many wars and its highly dysfunctional system? I believe it can. This obviously doesn’t means its political system should be copied elsewhere, but some of its elements have had positive results and it’s important to emphasise this. In order to achieve that, one shouldn’t look at the Lebanese political system as a whole, but distinguish its many principles and mechanisms (both formal and informal). After doing so, one might realise that the positive mechanisms could quite easily be transfered in similar societies.


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