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Remembering 1958 – part 1

Posted by worriedlebanese on 14/05/2008

France has been honouring this year its 1968 revolution. Israel has been celebrating for over a week its 1948 establishment… Lebanon, strangely enough, will certainly not be commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1958 civil war. Why?

How come so little is written about this year. How come so little research and analysis was done on it. Sure you can find a couple of good books on it, but they are usually descriptive and tend to show the war’s dynamics, and not it’s immediate and long term consequences on the Lebanese system.

People would argue that this is of little importance considering the present circumstances. But I’m not sure they are right. Comparisons are always interesting. They open up new perspectives and help you consider new paths of interpretation, and assists you in considering new possibilities and scenarios for your predictions.

One cannot help but see the similarities between 1958 and 2008: the international dimension (Cold war then, War on terrorism now), the regional dimension (Saudi and Syro-Egyptian rivalry then, Syro-Iranian vs Saudi-Egyptian now), and local dimension (pro and anti President now, pro and anti Prime minister now).

What about the differences? 


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