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Naming (what’s happening in Beirut)… and necessity

Posted by worriedlebanese on 13/05/2008

It took the Lebanese many years to name the war by its name. At first they called it “the events”. But when it started lingering on and stretching over a decade, they finally decided to call it a war. And then they started looking for adjectives… was it a civil war? a regional war? one war or a series of wars? Some started calling it the “other’s war”… or even the “war for others”… People still disagree on its name. but they do agree that it was a war, one war, and a bloody and destructive one. So much so that every time a spark sets out in Lebanon, people start crying “war, war”. 

But it isn’t war… at least not yet. It’s violence, a new form (or scope) of violence that fits in a larger dynamic that has been expanding for three years. It’s not the outburst of violence that is surprising but the extent of the restraint that has been exercised up to now. 


2 Responses to “Naming (what’s happening in Beirut)… and necessity”

  1. AA said

    The illustratin is by Aref-Adib:

  2. Thanks for the information… and the illustration!

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