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Commemorating 60 years of… the other

Posted by worriedlebanese on 09/05/2008


Israel celebrated yesterday, it’s 60th anniversary. In a week, Palestinians will be commemorating the Nakba. It’s odd to see these two people commemorating the same event so differently  (and on two different dates, the Israelis follow the Jewish calendar while the Palestinians follow the international one) and regardless of what happened on the other side ever since.

There’s something obscene in the way Israelis (and the world press) are celebrating the establishment of Israel without even mentioning the plight of those who paid the highest price for it (and are still paying it till this very day). 

And to think that in a week the Palestinian will be commemorating the Nakba (the loss of their state and homes) fantasizing on their return as if time had stopped in 1948 and Israel is merely a mirage that would eventually disappear.  

If only there was a way to commemorate this event in its whole, in the same way the book “L’histoire de l’autre was written” (cover shown above).



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