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“Halat Hatman” by the Future Movement

Posted by worriedlebanese on 08/05/2008

Mohammad Kabbani, Future Movement MP, announced yesterday that it would only take 24 hours to open the Halat Airport. This announcement took me back to  the late 1980s when as a teen I used to watch on the LBC (Lebanon’s number one tv station, operated by the Lebanese Forces yet watched by almost two thirds of the Lebanese population until the 1990s). This announcement promised the imminent opening of the Halat Airport under the slogan “Halat Hatman”. The airport never opened.


2 Responses to ““Halat Hatman” by the Future Movement”

  1. kyle foley said

    i assume you’re in paris, but do you think this violence in lebanon is going to spread into a large scale? how do you think is to blame?

  2. These are tough questions you ask. I don’t think anyone knows how things will evolve nor how fast they will evolve. Violence sometimes spirals out of control, but it’s a cycle with ups and downs and people deciding to expand it or retract it. I personally was much surprised by the extent of Hizballah’s restraint these past two years.
    I would go into the blame game. What I think should be done is let every Lebanese political actor take the responsibility for his actions. What has been going on these past two years was reckless, and what happened this last week was criminal.

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