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Dubious Resurrection of the “Cedar Revolution” -2

Posted by worriedlebanese on 19/03/2008

Have you read the Spring 2008 Charter yet? You should. It’s the best teaser campaign that was ever made. You will find in it most of the values you believe in. The people who wrote it sure know how to please their audience. It’s exactly like the “I Love Life” campaign. But did you ask yourself who doesn’t love life? Did you answer this question by saying Hezbollah because they support a culture of death. How did you get to this conclusion? Does it have to do with their talk about the blood they’re ready to spill for their cause or all the portraits of martyrs you find in the Hezbollah dominated areas? Have you listened to the March 14th discourse (and counted the occurrences of “our sacrifices”, “the blood that rejuvenates”, “our martyrs”…) ? Have you looked at the posters of martyrs that they regularly print and flood the billboards and walls with? Just look at the giant poster that was hanged on the BIEL (c.f. Dubious Resurrection of the “Cedar Revolution” -1). But if you do not find a contradiction between what the Charter states and how the politicians are acting and will probably keep on saying and doing (because this is their understanding of politics and the source of their power), then there is a problem. 


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