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The art of Aoun-Bashing

Posted by worriedlebanese on 03/12/2007

23123772.jpgIt’s amazing how Aoun-bashing has become a genre in Lebanese political production (a category that includes political speeches, political analysis, media videoclips, media articles, news reports, internet posts…). As all genres, it involves a specific structure, a particular set of characteristics. One glance at the title gives u a clear idea of the whole content up to its very conclusion. Aounophobic pundits are so Aoun obsessed that they never seem to get the full picture. They despairingly try to. But their phobia always brings their questioning and analysis back to the former General that they arduously belittle. Why do they invest so much time and energy in a person that they think not only think very little of but believe doesn’t represent much to start with?! Rather paradoxical of them I believe. Instead of putting so much energy in disqualifying him and announcing his downfall, why don’t they just get over him?! I wrote these lines as a comment to an article posted by Lebanon Now  entitled ” A foiled escape plan, Aoun’s parachute turns out to be knapsack”, written by Hanin Ghadda for Now Lebanon (december 1st). It reminded me of a little answer I sent two months ago to a yahoo group that a friend founded when we were back in political science school. It’s in French, and it’s a reaction to a french translation of a very lousy article presenting Hazem Saghieh’s arguments (in French).

Here is my reaction to this article.


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