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Controverses: a special issue on “Alterjews”

Posted by worriedlebanese on 24/11/2007

I stumbled upon a special issue of Controverses a couple of hours ago dedicated to what it calls “Alterjews”, a word specifically coined by and for this publication, deriding Jewish critics of Israel commonly referred to in America and Israel as self-hating Jews. I found one of its sections particularly disturbing. Under the title “Au miroir français” (“Through the French looking-glass”), eight articles unleash a spiteful and systematic attack of what they term French “alterjews”; Theo Klein, Edgar Morin, Rony Brauman, Jean Daniel, Michael Warshawski, Gisèle Halimi, Esther Benbassa, Guy Sorman, are portrayed as biased, contradictory, self-promotional, ridiculous, mediocre, self-hating or delusional. Reading this section of the publication felt like watching a firing squad executing a group of criminals. Not one article, not one paragraph was written in their defense or by a person who’s goal wasn’t to disqualify them with their writings. 


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