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The Other Nasrallah, much more discreet but just as threatening…

Posted by worriedlebanese on 20/11/2007

082.jpeg Threatening to what? to democracy and modernisation, I’d say. Here is a man who represent what the catholic church in Lebanon has the most archaic, the most traditionalist. He has opposed the principle of elections on every single occasion, arguing that it divides the people and causes conflicts. He is a staunch defender of censorship. He is patriarchal in every way. He has no problem interfering in politics as long as his voice is heard. In 2002, he encouraged the Constitutional Council and one of the candidates running for a vacant seat in parliament (Ghassan Mokheiber, who fared quite badly in the by-elections and who frankly didn’t need much convincing) to accept a “consensual” solution to the elections. In 2005, he interfered in the Shuf and Beirut elections in behalf of the Gemayel family and the Lebanese Forces. In 2007, he even opposed the elections within the Maronite League (a rather meaningless organisation) and pushed for a “consensual” nomination. And last week, he accepted to hand in a lits of presidential candidates on the condition it is binding! 


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