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Buidling homes to connect people: why not in Nahr el Bared?

Posted by worriedlebanese on 09/11/2007

storylebanonafp.jpgI enterred a jolly argument with some guy in cyberspace over Nahr el Bared. And this has been going on for a couple of days. This brought me back to a question I’ve been asking myself for a couple of months now: What would be a relevant peace initiative in such a situation? The work I carried out this summer with som IDP children coming from that camp was neither relevant nor a real peace initiative (for many reasons that I could develop in some other post).
I remembered an article I had photocopied some time ago on an Irish initiative that seemed to be quite succesful. The operation was called “Blitz Build” and it was carried out by Catholics and Protestants in Glencairn with the help of Habitat for humanity. I believe Offre Joie, a very active Lebanese organisation, participated in a similar operation in southern Lebanon last year, in cooperation with my Alma Mater. Maybe something similar could be done in Nahr el Bared… I should give it a bit more thought and start doing contacts…


One Response to “Buidling homes to connect people: why not in Nahr el Bared?”

  1. kierannelson said

    Hey there,

    I’m a Canadian filmmaker coming to Lebanon in two weeks, and I am looking for help on two political topics in current Lebanese society. Is there any way I could contact you off the blog?

    I am working with ViewStreet by the way.

    Please email me at kieran_nelson@hotmail.com



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