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This Lebanese is still worried

Posted by worriedlebanese on 01/11/2007

It’s been many months that I haven’t written posts on a regular basis. But this doesn’t mean in any way that I have lost interest in middle-eastern politics, shied from political debate or stopped being worried about the whole situation the region seems to be stuck in. It’s just that keeping up a blog is quite time consuming and frankly I had other priorities that hardly left me any time for sleep!Fortunately they’re over now and I can make time to think calmly about them and even write a couple of posts a week so as to throw into cyberspace some ideas I have about what’s going in Western Asia.What’s great about this region is that even if extreme violence can flare at any time, the dynamics never seem to change. You can recycle everything you’ve ever thought or said about the region by simply modifying the name of the players and changing the date of writing.I feel I can easily resume where I had left off a couple of months ago without loosing a thing.In Palestine/Israel, it’s pretty much the same. The Israeli government is still waving sticks at Hamas and carrots at Fateh. Mahmoud Abbas is still showing that like many other Arab leaders, clinging to power is what he does best. And he has enough arrogance to do it at any cost; the highest being that of a complete political and social paralysis and/or regression. He is the perfect example of what the Americans term a “Moderate” (I should write a post on Moderates, maybe next week).Lebanon is still the Middle East’s favourite playground/battleground (not even Iraq has managed to compete with us withstanding the records that are being broken there in bombings and killings)


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