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An example of cross observation of sectors in Israel

Posted by worriedlebanese on 29/10/2007

jumelles.jpgWhile doing some research in the French National Library, I ordered an Israeli booklet written in Hebrew that seemed rather interesting. The book description stated it was accompanied by a summary in English… It became hard for me to resist this book entitled “Religion and the High Court of Justice: Image and Reality – part 1”
דת ובגייץ: דימוי ומעיאת
This booklet published by the Israel Democracy Institute is a critical study of a report published by Manof, the Center for Jewish Information on the output of the Israeli high court of justice that it considers increasingly anti-religious and anti-jewish.
Basically we have a report published by an institute that identifies itself with the secular Jewish sector that criticises a report published by an institute that identifies itself with the ultra-orthodox Jewish sector that criticises the rulings of the High Court of Justice that it identifies as part of the secular Jewish sector.
The seven-page summary is quite riveting. It indicates excellent scholarship with a very clear and scientific methodology. It bases its criticism on the Manof paper’s lack of scientific methodology.
What I found very disconcerting is its final conclusion: “The publication analyzed in this position paper was shown to possess significant deficiencies, which render it an unreliable source for further discussion of the important issue it approaches. We chose to deal with it, despite its errors, since it is currently being used in public debate. Genuine dialogue between sectors can exist only on the basis of a correct reading of facts, and we hope that further analyses will proceed in this fashion”.
The notion of “genuine dialogue”


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