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Soli and I, or how I came to support a Gnrl for Prsdt

Posted by worriedlebanese on 26/10/2007

In a lecture I gave three years ago, I remember denouncing the way Lebanese intellectuals have systematically supported the Generals who ran for office. In 1958 they supported Chehab (and they stil see in him the best president the country has ever had). In 1988 they supported Aoun and in 1998 they backed Emile Lahoud (I remember getting into an argument with Samir Kassir because of that).

The only explanation I found for this support was the lack of any alternative at those times, and the fact that these Generals promised to fulfill the promises of article 95 of the Lebanese Constitution: transforming Lebanon into a complete jacobine state and nation.

And  now I see myself arguing with people and telling them that Michel Sleiman is the best alternative for an interim premiership (and not the presidency), because he is the only one who could restore trust between Hariri and Nasrallah, the Sunni Mustaqbal Movement and Chiite Hezbollah.


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