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Good reason for confusion 2: Daniel behind bars

Posted by worriedlebanese on 29/09/2007

I discovered a couple of days ago that a person I knew was in jail. I learned it from the news, in a gradual manner, by putting one and one together. I had met that person three years ago and had kept in regular contact with him since, through email and telephone messages, seeing him once a year, first in Beirut and then in Paris.
I didn’t know his family name and wasn’t sure he had given me his real first name. I didn’t feel he was very truthful about his identity. But I didn’t find that important. I found him complexe and interesting, many times exasperating. He was obviously smart, but sometimes extremely futile. He was at the same time mature and purile, which was quite unsettling. And there was something about his coldness that was compelling; something in his heart/soul was broken, and I didn’t know what. There was something tragic in the way he played around, enacted his role/character.
I gradually discovered by piecing things together that Daniel Sharon, the Israeli guy imprisoned in Beirut was no other than the guy I knew.


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