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Confused and exhausted Lebanese

Posted by worriedlebanese on 27/09/2007

For those of you who have been visiting this blog this past year, you might have noticed that the posts haven’t been very regular for a while.
Like all of my countrymen, I have been under sever stress for the past two years because of the political turmoil my country has been undergoing: car bombs, terrorist attacks, political assassinations, heavy shelling: you name it. And if that wasn’t all, as if violent acts were not enough, every day I see reckless politicians waging verbal wars with each other and poking a hornet’s nest (i.e. Israel & Syria).
On a more personal level, I put myself through a very intense experience throughout the summer. Not only did it physically and emotionally exhaust me (envolving my family and friends, and filling my days and nights), but it showed me my limits. It’s never easy to see and recognise one’s failings and shortcomings.
Furthermore, in my research and in my daily work, I have been playing around with multiple perspectives for some time. And this exercice can drain you because it removes certainties, markers and frames; and your left wondering how to position yourself.
And now two things happen to people I know. One is killed in a terrorist attack and another in a murder case he had nothing to do with.


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