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thought crumbs on lebanese and middle eastern politics

Words matter

Posted by worriedlebanese on 20/09/2007

f11004b.jpgThe lebanese political lexicon has been shrinking, swamped by emotions, ideological catchphrases and misused concepts. An effort should be made to ban some expressions from our vocabulary. It will certainly help us see things more clearly.

The first words that should be shunned are “martyr” and “martyrdom”. They should be replaced by “victim” and “assassination/falling (i.e. on the battlefield)/killing”.
The word “Sovereignty” should be escorted back to the place it should have never left, that is Universities.
Some expressions should be burried as soon as possilbe, such as “to build the state”, or the “state is absent”. The Lebanese state is very much there! it is a big and heavy machine often paralysed or hijacked by elected politicians. It cannot be absent! not more than it can be present. It either exists or does not. It’s a legal construct.
“the state has…” The state doesn’t do anything. Its institutions do (such as the parliament, the government, the army…).


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