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Posted by worriedlebanese on 26/08/2007

25082007007.jpgOr how Hezbollah is exhibiting last year’s war with Israel.
I visited Hezbollah’s exhibition yesterday in Beirut’s southern suburb. It was set up as part of the commemoration of the July war (or 33 day war). Interestingly enough, Hezbollah was the only political force that commemorated this war. The government and almost all the other parties remained silent (even those allied with Hezbollah).
The whole set up of the exhibition was impressive and amazingly professional. Hezbollah had converted and arranged a rather large plot of land where several buildings had once stood into a temporary museum that from the a distance could easily be mistaken for a sculpture garden. It seems that the buildings were destroyed by the Israeli army last summer. Hezbollah converted the rumbles and ruinds into a very modern museum with an interior and exhibition space, a conference room and a projection room.
I wonder what is more interesting, what they chose to exhibit or what they did not.
Let’s start with what was actually exhibited. You first enter into a discrete opening reminiscent of a tunnel used for warfare. There you are shown the space Hezbollah combatants lived and fought in during the war.
In a very well


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