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Staging the Metn elections – 1

Posted by worriedlebanese on 01/07/2007

The government is going ahead with the elections in the Metn. The President is most likely not going to sign the bill calling the voters to the ballot boxes, and Metn MP Michel Murr said that the opposition will boycott the elections if the President doesn’t sign the bill, and he expects Amin Gemayel to win the seat left vacant by his son’s murder because he will be running uncontested. This situation is quite similar to the last two by-elections in which Pierre Daccache and Ghassan Tueni ran uncontested. In the first by-election, the opposition’s candidate ran as the “consensual” candidate. The majority had backed off because it didn’t want to show that it had lost some support in that region. In the second by-election, the opposition backed off because it didn’t want to put a candidate against the father of the assassinated MP.
In the coming elections, the government will have a candidate and the opposition will probably not have one, hiding behind a legalistic justification. But the real motive seems to be a consensualist one. Consensualism in the last decade has developed into an anti-democratic principle in which due process no longer is superceded because considered as threatening to civil peace.


2 Responses to “Staging the Metn elections – 1”

  1. Margaret said

    Hello. I commented about your peace education post a few weeks ago. I’d still love to hear more. You see, this is a passion of mine as well 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comment margaret. Sorry it took me so long to answer you, but as you can notice, I haven’t written a word here in almost two months. The peace project I’m working on has kept me more than busy. I’ll slide a couple of posts on it in the coming days. As for your request, I’ll send you the details in a personal mail.
    take care

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