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Reconciling armed intervention and peacemaking

Posted by worriedlebanese on 12/06/2007

During a relaxed summer brunch in Vincennes, a heated arguments started between a Lebanese-Palestinian friend and myself over the combats that were raging in the Nahr el Bared camp next to Tripoli.
She was suprised to see that I was supporting the Lebanese army. And I told her that I felt the same about her condemnation of the Lebanese Army. In fact, I’m sure that we were both rather uncomfortable with our stands. Neither of us is really supportive of military interventions of any kind. But in the current situation, is there any other choice than the military one?
The question is tricky and it hides many others. What is the current situation? What are the problems that should be solved? How can they be solved? Are there other ways than the military intervention to solve them? Is the military intervention solving them? Is any side initiating another solution or advancing another means to solve them? What are the objectives of the military intervention?
These are questions that hardly anyone is asking these days. They are all subsumed by a global one “Are you with or against the military intervention?”.


One Response to “Reconciling armed intervention and peacemaking”

  1. Margaret said

    I am so glad that I found your blog! I feel the same way about supporting the Lebanese military, conflicted.
    So that you have some context, I grew up in Lebanon during the civil war even though I am as caucasian and North American as they come. I was able to go back to Lebanon for the first time in December and January. It was wonderful to be back but sad too. All the destruction from the summer, the strikes, the shattered hopes…
    I was able to reconnect with friends and am considering returning for another visit, perhaps longer this time.
    Anyway, I am glad that I found this blog and will check in again.

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