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Resolution 1757 or International law perceived as “fact on the ground”

Posted by worriedlebanese on 03/06/2007

One of the most surprising outcomes of resolution 1757 was that it was immediately perceived and present by the Lebanese political class as a fact on the ground. The government’s supporters hailed it as a victory, while most of the opposition forces described it as an imposed fact with negative consequences.

The Future Movement’s leader and Sunni Zaïm, Saad Hariri, started a series of symbolic acts, a prayer at his father’s tomb (while the government ordered the opening of the seaside road where his father was assassinated), fire works and a political declaration in which he said that a page was turned and a new one could be started, inviting the opposition to join the government again.  

He made it seem as if the hardships were over, and now that the international community had decided for the Lebanese on a matter they did not agree on, the differing parties could come together and govern hand in hand again.


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