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Hassan Nasrallah’s Easter speech

Posted by worriedlebanese on 10/04/2007

I was going to call this post “How the Sayyed stole Easter”, because of the impact Hassan Nasrallah’s speech had on the Lebanese political scene and how it completely eclipsed the Maronite Patriarch’s Easter wishes (not sure they really qualify as such). But I thought this take on Dr Seuss could be misinterpreted.
69060471.jpgOne “event” dominates today’s headlines in Lebanon, the speech Hassan Nasrallah gave on Sunday in Rwaiss (in Beirut’s southern suburb). I tried to find his speech on the internet, but failed miserably. But I did find some large extrqts, quotes and comments in the Nahar, Safir and Akhbar newspapers.


Hassan Nasrallah seems to have touched on all the political themes in discussion. He mentioned the parliamentary elections, the electoral law, the government of national unity, Paris III, the Presidency, the July war, the International tribunal, the political behaviour of Lebanese politicians, the legitimacy and purpose of the Resistance, the internationalisation of internal politics…

The three central arguments in his speech are undoubtedly the lack of trust between the Lebanese leadership, the purpose of the “resistance” and the democratic founding of legitimacy. The two slogans he openly considers as unfounded are that of Hezbollah being a State within the State and the government having the backing of the majority of the Lebanese people.


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