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What is the point of this blog?

Posted by worriedlebanese on 09/04/2007

For some time now, I’ve been wondering if I should keep up this blog . When I first started it, I used to write an entry every day. It was a kind of diary in which I jotted all my political thoughts. I couldn’t keep up with this regularity, so very soon, I started noting ideas down everyday and then developping them and posting them twice or three times a week. And today, I hardly make the time to write new posts once a week. The fact that I’ve been travelling a lot lately doesn’t help regular posting either.

Most of the themes that I wanted to – and eventually did – develop relate to intercommunal affairs and how differences (ethnic and ideological) are managed in the Middle East. But it isn’t easy to write something new on this subject everyday. And it is hard to escape the headline news and the simmering political debates. On the other hand, one cannot rely on headline news for new subjects because the novelty in them is often very hard to find.

So instead of reflecting (on) news about the Middle East, the post will from now on mirror my political preoccupations (on what could and should be done), readings and the research I’ve been doing for a Peace eduation programme I’m working on. Let’s give it a try for a week or two. 


One Response to “What is the point of this blog?”

  1. Abu Zahr said

    Dear Worried Lebanese,

    I want to reassure you that it is both understandable and fully acceptable (to me) that
    a blog is both a blessing and a curse in the sense that it is an exciting medium to vent reflections but the rigour and routine involved can become a burden. Therefore, I think you should post entries at your own pace, whenever you feel you have something to share. About a topic of your choice, of course.

    Should you feel any doubt about the point of keeping your blog up, be aware that I for my part very much appreciate your effort to keep on adding articles and that I do in fact enjoy reading them as I learn a lot from your writings. So, keep up the good work and: thank you!

    btw, I know visitors of your blog who would be interested to read your comments about possible interpretations and uses of chapter 7 of the UN Charter with respect to the creation of the “Hariri international court” in Lebanon. Would you consider writing something about that?

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