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Back to Soha Bechara

Posted by worriedlebanese on 08/04/2007

soha-bechara.jpgIn an earlier post, I had mentioned a Swiss documentary on Hezbollah featuring Soha Bechara.

Yesterday, I stumbled on an article about her, a book review on her autobiography: “Resistance: My life for Lebanon”. Oddly enough, the review’s author, Jean Saïd Makdisi, asks a couple of questions that had ran through my mind while I watched the Swiss documentary. One of them was about the moral implications of “resistance”; of the acts done in the name of resistance; of the criminal acts perpetrated in the name of resistance. I was disappointed by the way Soha Bechara had skipped these questions. She mentioned Gandhi once, saying that she would have like to persue a non-violent resistance, but that was not possible. This comment startled me. I was a bit shocked to hear her mention Gandhi when commenting her attempt to assassinate the SLA’s commander, General Antoine Lahd, without an ounce of regret.
Then there was another question that came to my mind. How could a communist resistance fighter (with a Christian background) be accepted by Hezbollah supporters and recognised as a fellow resistance fighter? They could have been fighting for the same thing, the liberation of Southern Lebanon (and more generally the defeat of Israel, the source of all evil to them), but not in the same name. I had witnessed during this summer war many left-leaning atheists back Hezbollah, fully support them with everything they had, withstanding their ideological and religious differences. How can this be? and what does it mean?



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