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Arab Initiative… experiencing a deja vu

Posted by worriedlebanese on 29/03/2007

The Arab League has reaffirmed its support for the Arab peace initiative. They insisted that anything short of that framework simply will not work. Interestingly enough, the Israeli governement and the American administration have showed more interest in it this year than they had in 2002 when it was penned in Beirut.
This doesn’t mean that they condone it. In fact, they support it as a start for talks, while Arab leaders present it as a package deal; the base threshold for an acceptable and sustainable peace.

Last week, the Arab peace initiative was mentioned by Dennis Ross, Clinton’s principal Mideast negociator a week ago, in a meeting in which I participated. I didn’t know then that the think tank in which he works is closely related to AIPAC (American-Israel Public Affairs Committee).
He explained that two things in the agreement had shocked the Israelis in the Declaration: the fact that it did not condemn terrorism and that it mentioned the right of return of Palestinian refugees to Israel. He believed that this was unacceptable because it threatened the existence of Israel as a Jewish State, something that should be preserved as a premisse.

So basically we have two conflicting premisses. And one common missing consideration… human rights that are systematically sacrificed in the name of political collective rights.


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