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Shooting individuals: Real people in the World Press awarded Photo

Posted by worriedlebanese on 02/03/2007

platt_winner_adjust.jpgReporting for the german magazine Der Spiegel, Ulrike Putz shared the story of the people photographed by Spencer Platt in his award winning photo. He interviewed one of the girls sitting in the car.
The interview shows how quick people are in making a moral judgement of people they know nothing about. It seems that our judgements say more about us that about what we are judging.
Here is the article: world-press-photo.doc

I leave the last word to Mai Ghoussoub who in her analysis of the picture left out all judgement of the people in the picture so as to focus on the meaning of war photography and what it says about the person that is looking at it (as a spectator): “I believe that the photo is stunning in the metaphor it creates about war photography. It tells us about the voyeurism of the photographer, of the act of taking photos in tragic situations: if there is a contradiction, it is in the encounter between art, beauty and tragedy”.

For Mai Ghoussoub’s article check out: worriedlebanese.wordpress.com/2007/02/21/216/


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