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Mai Ghassoub’s last article

Posted by worriedlebanese on 21/02/2007

I just learned from Opendemocracy that Mai Ghassoub has passed away. This came quite as shock to me for I have been plotting for the past week on ways I should follow so as to meet her. I had just discovered her writings through an article she had published on Spencer Platt’s picture that had won the World Press Photo prize for 2006.
I had stumbled upon this article as I was preparing an entry for this blog commenting the photograph.
The article was so interesting that I realised that I had very little to add to it, so I abstained from writing anything and thought of writing her a letter. A bit to late for that.
Mai Ghassoub passed away in London on Sunday, she was the cofounder of Saqi press. She also was an artist, and a writer. Her books include Leaving Beirut: Women and the Wars Within (Saqi, 2001) and Imagined Masculinities: Male Identity and Culture in the Modern Middle East (Saqi, 2006)
Check out her article.


3 Responses to “Mai Ghassoub’s last article”

  1. Ali Ishaq said

    خبر اتى كالصاعقة ، لا املك غير الدمع . وداعا مي …

  2. The tragedy continues. poor Hazem Saghieh, after loosing his wife, he looses a very good friend.

  3. karim said

    شكرا اخى

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