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Perfidious doubts and swinging emotions

Posted by worriedlebanese on 15/02/2007

It has been a week now that I haven’t written any entry in this blog. But I will cheat today, add a couple of notes I took the past four days and predate them.
Things have been rather hectic these days… I had a short journalistic article to finish… and the flaming news from Lebanon kept rocking my boat.
Bombs were planted in mini-buses not far from my home town. The country was preparing for the commemoration of Hariri’s assassination, and the press was building the emotions up for the event (not that it would bring its sales up… but probably out of habit).
The main idea that was repeated by the pro-government forces and press was, to quote Saad Hariri that the tribunal will “stop the cycle of terrorism, blood and assassination that has struck our country for the past 30 years.’ How will it do that? Isn’t it the other way round? Isn’t the tribunal exciting those who refuse to be tried. Won’t they continue to play havoc until the charges against them are dropped? will they sit quitely through the setting up process, or even the trial? What will happen after that? Would they quietly leave office? Should we be sacrificing justice for security? What’s next?
Emotions are quite insiduous. They creep up when you least expect them and take you for a ride. You can see just what they did to me in the three previous entries that I will be posting in the coming hour.


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