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Beirut diaries: truth lies and videos

Posted by worriedlebanese on 14/02/2007

A Lebanese group projected Mai Massri’s film today on the 2005 camp-in in Downtown Beirut.
The screeing was obviously used by the presenter as an occasion to salute the Lebanese “Martyrs” (he obviously forgot all the people who died during the summer war). He asked the people to observe a minute of silence in their memory. I was so angry with this kind of political exploitation and one sidedness that I refused to stand during that minute of silence.
During those few seconds of silence, I pondered on my own reaction and was shocked by it. But I stuck to my decision and realised that I could not behave in any other way. The time of mourning had not come yet. The political exploitation was too strong, and I refuse now to take part of it, even if those assassinations disgust me and I pity the poor people whose life was stolen from them.
Mai Massri’s film took me back to the time when I used to pass by the camp every day, after work, to talk to the people and to be part of this movement who’s first aim was to get the Syrian army out of the country. I also used to visit Hariri’s tomb and I couldn’t escape the emotions that transpired from there. What has changed since then?
The film is really very good. It shows all the hopes, the tensions, the staging, the sincerity, the disappointments, the contradictions that surrounded the 2005 camp-in.


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